In my professional experience I’ve been heavily involved in the energy industry and construction, which is has led me to many photoshoots in that sector. Also, a couple of covers to industry leading publications.

I have the following certifications and most importantly the willingness to travel.

  • TWIC


  • HUET

  • Yellow Vaccination Card

  • FAA Part 107


Mapping allows you to get a quick update on large acreage for any project. Maps provided are ortomosiac (like Google maps), elevation data (including cut and fill calculations), plant and crop health, and 3D modeling maps for CAD imports. Maps can have measurement overlays and have absolute accuracy if working in conjunction with the survey crew.

Several counties have been helped by mapping and providing before and after video to aid in construction of water run off. A quick video can be watched here.

Images of the vessel Ocean Evolution are property of Oceaneering International.